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Brake Testing

The ‘State of the Art’ MAHA Roller Shaker Brake tester was recently installed in our workshop.   Volvo Group Australia sees the $150 000 investment an important upgrade to the service provided by the Rockhampton Dealership, and a commitment to the safety and future of the Central Queensland trucking industry.   

The MAHA Brake Tester is the world’s commonly used brake tester and are specifically designed for truck diagnostics.

What’s the benefit of roller brake testing?

  • Independent of weather conditions:- the test is done in a safe and static environment, therefore making the results consistent and repeatable if needs be.
  • Each wheel is tested independently.  Considerations include, brake force, imbalance across all axles, emergency and parking brakes.  These measurements provide our technicians a broad understanding and a full diagnosis of the problems which otherwise may have gone undetected.
  • Your trucks brake test results are recorded and stored in a comprehensive report for future reference.  This information is designed for statistical analysis, which assists with the management of fleet performance and maintenance program.  


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Ask me to include a brake test when your truck is in next - it will give your family piece of mind and could save you more than just money!

Andrew | Service Manager