It’s absolutely paramount that all our drivers know how to get the best out of their vehicles. It means fuel-efficient driving and cutting down our emissions, and is also helping driver retention.

Neale Burdon, Resource and Training Manager

Stobart Group

The courses

Each of our seven-hour courses is based on decades of Volvo research and experience, and led by our specialist instructors. Courses combine theory with practical coaching, using a training truck with all the latestfuel and safety features. 

Efficient driving
Learn how to save up to 10% fuel.

Safe driving
Avoid accidents and minimise risk.

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Transport business and legislation
Improve your understanding of the industry, and your role in it.

Health and first aid
Learn how to save lives and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Secure transport
Improve load position, load security and avoid theft.

Working in construction
Improve safety on site, reduce standstills and lower repair costs.

Training that works for you

Whatever skills you need, we’ll help you get them. That could mean working with you to choose the right course at the right time, or helping you plan a complete training schedule. We’ll also tailor an individual course or create a customised programme based on your needs.

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