Find out who your most fuel-efficient driver is

Fuel and Environment

This service shows you who your most fuel-efficient driver is – and who needs training and support. It indicates where savings can be made. It creates emission level reports. And can help you lower CO2.

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Track performance to see who is best suited for individual assignments

Driver Times

See which driver is best suited for a new assignment. Download tachograph data automatically – reducing manual work and administration time. And get proactive alerts that help you comply with driver hours legislation.

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Positioning: helps you plan


From the position of the truck (at street level), to detailed information about the driver, truck speed, load and the type of vehicle. Use the Positioning service to plan, navigate and run your business in a more profitable way.

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Messaging puts you in contact with the truck


Messaging makes sure you can always contact the truck, and gives your drivers the information they need to make better decisions when they’re on the road. For a fixed monthly fee, you can communicate with your trucks as much as you like – regardless of their location.

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Access fleet and fuel information instantaneously

The Dynafleet app

Access fleet and fuel information instantly. Compare your drivers’ fuel scores in seconds. And make important decisions on the move. The Dynafleet app is free to download, easy to use and available for smartphone or tablet. So wherever you are, you’ll always be up to date.

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