Volvo Trucks recognised very early on the operating challenges that customers faced in Australia – heavier loads, greater distances, a climate ranging from the hot and dusty and Outback, to the ice and snow of the Snowy Mountains. In short, conditions that make trucks work harder than just about anywhere in the world.

It is a little known fact that Volvo Trucks first established a production facility in 1972, building heavy duty trucks in Wacol, Brisbane, Queensland and since those first days Volvo Trucks Australian engineers have used globally proven platforms and the latest technologies to design and test trucks that are tailored for the unique Australian conditions.

Take a leap forward to 2017, and that same Wacol facility not only remains in operation, but has become Australia’s largest vehicle manufacturing powerhouse.

Made Right Here In Brisbane

The brand wears the Australian Made logo with pride in part because of the jobs it supports. The Wacol plant is a significant part of Brisbane’s manufacturing base, employing almost 600 people – close to 550 people employed directly in the production process and about 50 dedicated engineers.

But its reach extends well beyond the production floor. To keep the trucks rolling off the assembly line, the Wacol factory supports local manufacturing, having around 90 local component suppliers. The flow-on effects can’t be underestimated – those firms then provide their own employment opportunities and support their local communities.

Our Locally Manufactured Truck Range

Volvo FH Series

The leader in long haul, the Volvo FH and FH16 deliver unmatched driver comfort, safety and economy.

Volvo FM

Our most versatile truck. Stunning design, fantastic handling and great operating economy.

Volvo FMX

The modern construction truck. Strong, robust and packed with groundbreaking features.

Volvo Sales Team

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